On a Sheet of Cardboard

Collector of wrack and scrap. ’09 Missoula Montana MFA Poetry. English language teacher: most recently at RISD ’15. (Go Balls!) Japan expat, ’98 – ’02 and ’10 – ’12.¬†Links to my writing, including reviews, poetry, and translations in Menu.

Buson translations and blog here on this site and on Instagram @ turnipdiary. What else: Byrne & Hatchet. The American Boys Handy Book. Car camping. The long blue beach. Sleeping in the open. Bike trails. Mountain trailheads. Ford Ranger. Trail running. Mushroom hunting. Mushroom growing. Hundred Acre Cove. Compost. Looking at things up close: tiny reactors. Jeep Willys and a camp in Maine or Montana when the time is right.


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